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“Looking” Stars Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey: Our Acting Careers “Expanded” After Coming Out

by Oscar Raymundo July 23, 2016

From Tab Hunter to Colton Haynes, Hollywood has always been a tricky landmine for queer actors – regardless of whether they choose to come out or stay in the closet. On one hand, we have actors like Zachary Quinto and Ezra Miller wearing skintight suits in summer superhero blockbusters and TV stars like Nico Tortorella [...]

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Former Male Sex Worker Looks Back On His Career With Pride

by Graham Gremore July 23, 2016

“I first became involved in sex work after traveling to London for a job interview and losing my ticket home,” Paul Lowell tells Vice in a fascinating new article about retired sex workers. Lowell’s career started while he was walking around the West End and noticed a man cruising him. Related: Male Sex Workers Reveal The Truth About Their Lives And [...]

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5 Queer Episodes From Star Trek History Worth Revisiting

by Jase Peeples July 23, 2016

Star Trek Beyond, the latest installment in the adventures of the reimagined original crew, flies into theaters today and will bring with it the franchise’s first gay character in the form of helmsman Hikaru Sulu (played by John Cho). But while this is uncharted territory for Star Trek’s official cannon (queer characters have been included in [...]

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How One Tiny Gay Bar Offers Refuge In The Most Homophobic State In America

by Graham Gremore July 23, 2016

Mississippi may not be known for its progressive politics or its welcoming attitude towards gay people or its willingness to change, but it is still home to many members of the LGBTQ community. A fascinating article published by the Washington Post takes readers inside WonderLust, a one-year-old gay bar in Jackson that bills itself as the city’s “hottest LGBT [...]

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