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HRC Statement on Donald Trump’s Win in New Hampshire

by Brandon Lorenz February 09, 2016

Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, released the following statement regarding Donald Trump’s win in New Hampshire tonight:

“Donald Trump has pandered his way to the top of the field by opposing the most basic...

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Why GLAAD Blundered By Dumping Its Grassroots Media Award

by Mark February 09, 2016

When the prestigious GLAAD Media Awards announced their 2016 nominees last week, one category was noticeably absent: Outstanding Blog, which for years has been the only spot in the glitzy honors for recognition of small, independent LGBT voices. The deletion of the category means independent bloggers must now compete in mainstream categories against media behemoths like The New York Times [...]

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South Dakota House Passes Another Extreme Bill Attacking Transgender Youth

by Stephen Peters February 09, 2016

Today, HRC blasted a vote by the South Dakota House of Representatives in favor of yet another piece of discriminatory legislation attacking transgender youth in the Mount Rushmore State. Passed by a vote of 45 to 23, HB 1112could ban transgender students from participating in athletic activities consistent with...

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Man Believes He’s Pregnant After Having Gay Sex

by Jeremy Kinser February 09, 2016

A married man from India was hospitalized for a psychotic episode after he insisted he was pregnant after having gay sex. The father of two told his family that he could feel a baby moving around in his abdomen. After his family took the unnamed man to seek psychiatric assistance, doctors from the Kunhitharuvai Memorial [...]

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