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What I’ve Been Up To: September 2015 Edition

by Queer Vegan Food September 03, 2015

What I’ve Been Up To: September 2015 Edition

It’s been a few months since I’ve written a Queer Vegan Food blog post. There are several reasons for this. First, I’ve become a lot more active on my social networks. (FYI, you can catch me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). I love the ease of sharing pictures, musings and updates and the real-time feedback we get from these platforms.

Second, my life has changed a lot since I began this blog in 2011. I’ve grown a lot in many ways since I started Queer Vegan Food; after all, I was a raw foodist when I originally started this (!). I’ve struggled at times to figure out how to adapt and evolve this blog as so much in my life changes. I’ve even considered retiring it. Is Queer Vegan Food still relevant for me? For anyone else? I’ve had this conversation a few times recently with my partner and with friends. And I keep coming back to the feeling that this blog does still feel relevant for me and (I hope) maybe for others, and it does feel like it’s still a useful space to share information, ideas, experiences and queer vegan food–at least for now.

With that, here’s some updates and a snapshot into some of the things I’ve been up to and thinking aboutthese past few months.

Celebrating My 10-Year-Veganniversary

A decade as a vegan. Wow. It’s still easy. I love Mark Hawthorne’s post about his recent vegan anniversary, saying “I’m still waiting for this to get hard.” That’s how I feel. Being vegan has only enriched and improved my life, but even if it didn’t, I’d probably still do it, because exploiting and killing animals is wrong. I’d be a vegan even if it were really difficult. Luckily, though, it’s super easy, and that’s really nice.

Settling Into Boulder, CO…And Reconnecting With The Bay Area

Boulder, CO on Queer Vegan FoodSince moving to Boulder with my partner in 2013, I have recently put down some roots in this beautiful mountain town. While finding footing in Boulder, I’ve simultaneously connected again with the SF Bay Area. Earlier this spring I started a remote job for a Bay Area-based software company that has me traveling to the Bay every few months. I love the company and my role, and Ihave also really enjoyed spending more time in the Bay Area.

The Bay has its share of major problems (have you read Sistah Vegan’s heartbreaking blogs recently? Check them out to get a taste of how challenging it is to live in the Bay these days) but I still think it’s a really special special place. I love visiting and getting to enjoy amazing vegan food with people like Lara Yaz, my dear friend from high school Alana, my good friend Andrea from the East Coast who lives in Berkeley, and more. Current Bay Area favorite: Shizen. Really great vegan Japanese food. I’d say just as good or even better than Shojin in LA. Pics, for reference:

Lara Yaz at Shizen in SF!

Lara Yaz at Shizen in SF!

Shizen ramen in SFVegan roll at Shizen

Seaweed Salad at Shizen in SF

Lara Yaz with yummy rolls at Zhizen

Lara Yaz with yummy rolls at Shizen in SF!

The Bay Area is near to my heart. I moved there right after college and it’s where I got my start in vegan food blogging through then-Bay Area-based but now national Vegansaurus, which adopted me in 2009 as one of their writers. It’s been an incredible journey ever since. I’ve met more amazing people through vegan blogging than I could have imaged. Shout-out to local Boulderite vegan Rachel Zurer, who edits Backpacker magazine and contributes to Vegansaurus. Rachel lives several blocks from us here in Boulder and she and her awesome vegan lawyer hubby Danny have become great friends. Vegansaurus continues to be amazing, and I am so inspired by the writers, editors and readers of the pub.

Feelings About Fishing As A Hobby

Around Boulder, many people casually fish in the creek. Seeing someone recreationally and casually torturing fish (I have no idea if they eat the fish or just throw them back…which is just as bad, of course) always puts me in a sour mood. These people usually smile at me when I pass, and sometimes say hi. I haven’t figured out what to say to these people, especially the “nice” ones. Because torturing fish is anything but nice. Can’t they just enjoy the creek without exploiting innocent creatures?

Side note: I think it’s often seen in our culture as less than “masculine” to enjoy nature (especially enjoy being alone in nature with other men) without doing something “masculine” like dominating animals to compensate. I’m clearly channeling Carol J. Adams here. Alas. Any advice for this?

Things I’m Excited To Get Into

Cuisinart on Queer Vegan Food

My mom gifted me my first Cuisinart this week and I’m so excited to use it. Any tips or recipes for me to try?

Thanks for reading. xo

Queer Vegan Food
Queer Vegan Food


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