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Dodgers & Cheese – A Doubleheader to Remember

by Latino Foodie May 23, 2015

Dodgers & Cheese – A Doubleheader to Remember

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Society Culinaria on behalf of Cacique. All opinions are our own. We thank you for supporting the brands that make LatinoFoodie possible!

With iconic Dodger Dogs and cold brews in hand, we joined fellow food bloggers and the team from Cacique recently at Dodgers Stadium. It was our first live game of the season and Cacique hit it out of the park with a perfect double header of cheese and yogurts. The food and company were magnificent, but watching the Dodgers kick butt and win over the Colorado Rockies was like adding crema on the tacos for us. Heck, we even belted out the baseball anthem, ”Take me out to the ballgame.”

As official Cacique blogger ambassadors, a title we hold in high esteem, we’ve been truly lucky to experience local cheese making at its best. We’ve come to realize that the team at Cacique are also fabulous hosts!

In a luxury box, Cacique shared with us a “double header” of cheese and creamy yogurt treats, perfect comida for a ball game!

Whether you are taking food on the go to Dodgers stadium or watching the game at home with friends and family, there are some delicious dishes you can make with Cacique cheeses and creams. Our game day menu featured chicken and beef quesadillas stuffed with the Cacique Four Cheese Blend. The cheese melts perfectly and tastes sublime! Cacique definitely hit it out of the park by serving piping hot chili beans topped with the four blended cheese and Mexican Crema. The best part is that its simple, attainable food that can still appeal to your guests, so summertime entertaining can be FUN again!

If we’re watching the game at home or entertaining this summer, we’ll be sure to showcase these quesadillas and more like our Queso Enchilado and Rajas Gorditas recipe you can find here:


Cacique Double Header

Aside from the food, drink and company, we got a chance to sit behind home plate. 

We were so close we could see the players sweat, and I’m pretty sure it was blue! We even got to meet Jorge Jarrin, who will join his father, Hall of Fame broadcaster Jaime Jarrin, in calling Dodgers games in Spanish this season on KTNQ-AM (1020).

Cacique Double HeaderWe knew we had to save room for dessert (and beer) so we made sure to pace ourselves with the food.

We ended our big night with fireworks and a fully stocked Yogurt Smoothie Station, with loads of fun, colorful toppings, such as fresh fruits, candies, crushed cookies, and my personal favorite, Dodger blue chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Cacique Yogurt Smoothie

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