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Comer Juntos: Una Tradición Natural: Sierra Mist Natural and a cookbook giveaway from Chef Aarón Sánchez

by Art Rodriguez May 01, 2012


Sierra Mist Natural is teaming up with Chef Aarón Sánchez, star of Food Network’s “Chopped” and “Heat Seekers,” to launch “Comer Juntos: Una Tradición Natural,” a program that encourages families to gather around the dinner table to share fun times over delicious Latin-inspired food and drinks.

“’Comer Juntos’ means ‘Eating Together’ in English, and I’m excited about showing parents that there’s real joy in instilling the practice of a family meal, not only on special occasions but any night of the week,” said Chef Aarón, one of the country’s leading contemporary Latin chefs. “Some of my favorite memories bring me back to cooking in the kitchen with my mom, it inspired me to become a chef and that’s a testament to the power of food and family.”

The “Comer Juntos” program will include 10 original recipes by Chef Aarón that deliver big Latin flavors yet require minimal heavy-lifting in the kitchen, freeing-up more time to spend with friends and family. From mouth-watering Slow Cooked Fiesta Pork to refreshing Raspberry Rumba, each recipe highlights how the crisp, clean lemon-lime taste of Sierra Mist Natural is the perfect complement or unexpected ingredient for Latin flavors.

If Sierra Mist Natural as an ingredient surprises some, it shouldn’t. One of Chef Aarón’s secrets unveiled in the program is how the lemon-lime taste and real sugar enhances some of his recipes such as the Slow Cooked Chipotle Chicken. This flavorful chicken is slow cooked with Sierra Mist Natural for a hint of citrus, which marries beautifully with the smoky heat of chipotle.

Do you want to win a copy of the chef’s new cookbook? Leave a comment below letting us know how else you can use Sierra Mist Natural in your cooking and cocktail making to be entered to win an autographed copy of Chef Aarón Sánchez’s new cookbook, “Simple Food, Big Flavor: Unforgettable Mexican-Inspired Recipes from My Kitchen to Yours.”  Visit  Sierra Mist’s Facebook page and if you haven’t done so yet, “Like” us on Facebook, too! 

Sierra Mist Natural provided the cookbook for the LatinoFoodie giveaway.

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Art Rodriguez
Art Rodriguez


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