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LatinoFoodie New Year Resolutions or What We Like to Call “2012 Intentions for Foodies”

by Stephen Chavez December 31, 2011

Personally, we hate New Year Resolutions. Let’s face it. Do we ever really keep them?  Sure, they all sound fine and dandy when making them. The majority are about weight loss and being more focused on work and family. Blah. Blah. Blah.

So, why is this year different? It’s the end of the world people!  Haven’t you heard? 2012. That’s right. Y2k all over again. Zombie Apocalypse. You saw the 2012 movie featuring John Cusack, right? THE WORLD IS ENDING. As foodies, we need to make this next year count. So we are writing down some Foodie Intentions for you to think about and possibly incorporate into your long list of resolutions. These are intentions so you don’t have to be filled with guilt if you don’t keep them. Doesn’t hurt to put it out there in the universe.

  1. Think DIY: Do It Yourself.  Roast your own chiles for homemade salsas or think bigger and try roasting your own coffee beans or brewing your own beer. Make sure to invite us if you do the last one.
  2. Take a walk after at least one meal a day.
  3. Master a cooking technique(s) like grilling a perfect steak to deboning a whole duck. If you’re grilling a steak, invite us!
  4. Learn to cook one to three dishes well this year. Follow a recipe at least five times until it’s perfected. Then, and only then, can you add your own touch and improvise to make it your own.
  5. Shop at a farmers market to support your local economy by purchasing locally grown produce.
  6. As a way to save money, consider eating through your pantry before going to your local Taco Bell or grocery store. Sure, you’ll be eating lots of Jell-O and Top Ramen, but it will help shape your next grocery list and purchasing habits. Not to mention cleaning out your cupboards.
  7. Plant a vegetable garden in your backyard or apartment terrace. Start with some herbs. We’re talking about basil and thyme people. Don’t get crazy.  
  8. Start a family recipe cookbook.  If the world doesn’t end, you’ll need something to pass on to the next generation of foodies. Plus, it’s a great way to document some of your family’s favorite, traditional recipes. You know the ones that your abuela would make without using a recipe.
  9. Go to the source: stop wondering where your food comes from and go visit a farm.  Now sure where to go?  On your next visit to the farmers market grab some business cards from some of your favorite vendors.  Hide out with honey bees.  Pick your own pumpkin.  Churn your own cream.    Eat seasonal fruits right off the vine or tree. 

10. Finally, be an adventurous eater. Explore new dishes off of a favorite restaurant menu. Check out that restaurant you keep passing by on the way home from work. Learn a new recipe.

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Stephen Chavez
Stephen Chavez


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