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No Bake Bliss

by Art Rodriguez July 15, 2011

Photo Credit: Hans Grissinger

I love to bake, but the last place I want to be in this heat is baking in a hot kitchen.  But I still gotta eat dessert, right?  The time of year when the leather bar stools at your breakfast bar brand your derriere, it is time to reconsider those “no-bake” dessert lists that crop up every time the temperature rises. 

We could do this all day, but it’s too hot, so instead we’re posting our favorite no-bake dessert that was created by a good friend of LatinoFoodie, Rochelle Palermo, recipe tester & food stylist to the stars!  Yes, to the starsRochelle’s Yogurt Panna Cotta with Fresh Plums is so ridiculously simple, yet your guests will be awed by this decadent looking dessert.  This recipe was first featured in Bon Appetit magazine for a Fourth of July spread, along with: Deep-Dish Peach Pie,   Truffle BrowniesChocolate-Raspberry Panini, and Passion Fruit & Guava Pops just to name a few.   Rochelle’s recipes are fool-proof so give her panna cotta a try and don’t froget to rate the recipe at Epicurious.com.

 Yogurt Panna Cotta with Fresh Plums


Panna cotta:
Canola oil
2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 1/2 teaspoons unflavored gelatin
2 1/4 cups plain whole-milk yogurt (preferably organic)
1 3/4 cups heavy whipping cream, divided
3/4 cup sugar

6 small ripe plums, thinly sliced
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon finely grated lemon peel

Preparation for panna cotta:
Lightly coat inside of 9-inch cake pan with 1 1/2-inch-high sides with canola oil. Combine 2 tablespoons water and lemon juice in small bowl. Sprinkle gelatin over; stir to blend. Let stand until gelatin softens, about 15 minutes. Whisk yogurt and 3/4 cup cream in large bowl. Combine 1 cup cream and sugar in small saucepan; bring to simmer over medium heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat. Add gelatin mixture to hot cream mixture; whisk until gelatin dissolves. Add cream-gelatin mixture to yogurt mixture; whisk to blend. Pour mixture into cake pan. Chill uncovered until cold, then cover and keep refrigerated until panna cotta is set, at least 8 hours or overnight. DO AHEAD: Can be made 2 days ahead. Keep refrigerated.

Preparation for plums:
Combine plums, sugar, lemon juice, and lemon peel in medium bowl; toss to coat. Let stand at room temperature until juices form, tossing occasionally, about 30 to 45 minutes. DO AHEAD: Can be made 8 hours ahead. Cover and refrigerate.

Using small knife, cut around panna cotta to loosen edges. Fill large bowl with 1 inch of hot water. Dip bottom of pan into hot water to help loosen. Place dessert platter upside-down atop pan; invert panna cotta onto platter. Carefully lift off pan and allow panna cotta to settle onto platter.

Cut panna cotta into wedges. Divide among plates. Serve with plum mixture.

Test-kitchen tip: If possible, invert the panna cotta on a flat platter or large plate. A serving piece with sloping sides won’t allow the dessert to lie flat and will make it more difficult to slice the panna cotta into wedges.

We’ve included some links to some of our other favorite No-Bake Desserts.  Stay cool this summer (remember when we used to write this on our friend’s yearbooks?) and try some of these no-bake desserts.  As always, please feel free to submit any of your favorite no-bake dessert recipes to info@latinofoodie.com. We’d be happy to feature them on the blog.


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Art Rodriguez
Art Rodriguez


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