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High School Considers Banning All Student Groups To Get Rid Of Gay-Straight Alliance

by Dan Tracer March 09, 2016

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Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

School board members in Franklin County, Tennessee are considering doing away with all student groups as a means to disband the recently-formed Gay-Straight Alliance.

Let that sink in a moment.

The GSA at Franklin County High School in Winchester has been met with nothing but trouble since it first met in January, from parents comparing it to ISIS (really) to students defacing club posters and wearing “straight pride” signs in protest.

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At a recent school board meeting, concerned community members fell back on the tried-and-true boogeyman warning that the GSA promotes a “radical gay political agenda” that seeks to recruit children. The sad thing is that to these people, encouraging students to find common ground and appreciate one another’s unique experiences really is “radical.”

Thanks to the federal Equal Access Act, school officials cannot shutter the group.

Unless, of course, they ban every extracurricular group, from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to the Student Council.

And while that may sound like an extreme measure, don’t put it past the uninformed buffoons in Franklin County.

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In an interview with The New Civil Rights Movement, board Chairman Kevin Caroland confirmed the strategy has been discussed.

“We discussed last night our policies and procedures and the possibility of getting rid of all clubs, and what all that would entail. There was not a consensus. that I could tell,” Caroland said. “We had a large number of emails that have asked us to look at that.”

The GSA put out this note on Facebook to rally support:


At that meeting, opponents of the GSA waved Christian flags and warned about the dangers of “fisting, rimming and anal sex.”

“We’re trying to spell out for the community what would happen if we shut down all clubs,” Caroland added. “I think the community needs to be educated on what the consequences are of doing that. We’re just trying to get it all laid out so nobody’s surprised by anything.”

The lesson these adults are teaching the students of Franklin County High is absolutely unconscionable. We’ll follow the outcome and keep you updated.

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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