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When You And Your Sibling Are Both Gay, Things Can Get Interesting

by EDITORS March 13, 2016

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Growing up gay is often an isolating experience, though thankfully that’s beginning to change in a big way.

For many people, the thought of having a gay sibling to relate to during adolescence sounds like it would have been a dream come true.

And in many ways, thats true.

But having a gay sibling isn’t always a walk in the park — the same rivalries and tensions that affect most siblings don’t go away if two are gay. In many ways they could even be intensified.

Here’s what gay siblings have been Whispering about lately.

Do you have a gay sibling? Did you always wish you had one? Let us know in the comments.

Being gay was a lot easier growing up because my brother was gay too. I

My brother and I are both gay so it makes everything a massive competition

 My sister and I are both gay. I don

My brother and I are both gay and my dads only biological kids. I know he loves and supports us. But I want to give him a grandchild that is biologically his... Why does this matter to me?

My extended family hates me and my sister and they keep my parents out of every family event because I

Whenever someone is surprised that both my brother and I are gay, I feign surprise that their siblings are all straight

I wonder if my parents will be okay knowing that their daughter and their son are both Gay. I

Me and my brother are both gay and I

Just found out my brother is gay. So am I. My parents only have two kids, two gay kids. They



My parents were openly supportive of gay marriage but just about lost their minds when both my brother and me came out as gay. "Both of you???" YES!

Me and my brother are both gay and out to everyone. My dad happened to have a coversation with me about my brother being "too gay". He chose to tell his other gay son, why??

I want to come out but I don

My sister is a lesbian, and I



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