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Will This Bernie Bro Get Some Hugs At A Trump Rally?

by Rob Smith March 14, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.49.49 AM

People haven’t exactly been feeling the love at Trump rallies lately, but one Bernie Sanders supporter wants to change all that.

In a case of admirable naiveté or brilliant trolling, Independent Journal Review released a video of a Bernie Sanders supporter offering free hugs at a Trump rally.

We know you’re thinking that it’ll end in some horrible act of violence — but wait — it doesn’t!

The whole thing is pretty damn cute (as is the nerdy-cute Sanders supporter) and it left us feeling a bit of hope for our ability to get along as Americans with different political leanings…until that’s shattered by the next random act of violence at a Trump rally.

Side note: we’re not sure if the rainbow “Bernie” logo means the guy’s gay, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be interested in figuring it out if the Nate Silver/Steve Kornacki type makes you feel the Bern.

Rob Smith
Rob Smith


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