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Ian Thorpe’s New Boyfriend Is A Model And Law Student Hoping For Marriage Equality In Australia

by Rob Smith March 22, 2016


Ian Thorpe is still trying to work out that whole gay role model thing, but it looks like he’s finally got the bf part down.

Thorpe’s new boo is model and law student Ryan Channing, and the guy is living proof that combo exists in the real world and not just on nighttime soaps. In an interview with Guys Like U, the steely-eyed stunner sounds off on being discovered, gay rights, and the possibility of marriage and kids.

Channing talked about the sobering fact that even pretty people get rejected from modeling campaigns sometimes:

Did it take time to realize that when you didn’t get a modeling job it was to do with the certain look the client was looking for and not a reflection on you yourself?

You have to understand that it’s a business. The client has a brief of what they are looking for. If you’re not right for that campaign, there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just they have something else in mind. From personal experience, you can miss out with on an opportunity with an agent one year and the next year pick it up. There’re few things you can change about the way you look, but having the right attitude can take you a long way.

His dual career path that sounds too good to be true:

While you’ve been modeling you’ve also been studying law. Was it important to have another career option and is it something you still want to pursue.

I started to study law at a young age. Soon after I was scouted and I jumped at the opportunity to travel with modelling internationally. I always knew that I wanted to study law and that I could always return to that. I’ve continued to model while studying in Sydney. It’s nice to get a break from hitting the books to do something like a television commercial.

…and getting the laws regarding gay marriage changed in Australia:

Have you been part of the campaign to get the marriage laws changed in Australia?

Australia is expecting to have a plebiscite (public vote) on the issue this year. I’m not so sure about this approach as I’m concerned about the possibility of seeing the anti-same sex marriage advertisements as it could cause some people to take a step back. While the majority of Australians support marriage equality there is a vocal minority voice that would like to maintain the status quo. It’s important to make sure that its gets easier for LGBTI in future generations, not harder.

By the way, he doesn’t go too much into his relationship with Thorpe, but he does seem pretty thrilled that what’s being written so far is positive. Oh, Channing. We’re sure the gay media sharks will find some blood in the water soon enough.

Until then, best of luck with the new boo, and we’ll be scouring your Instagram for more cute pics of you both! Congrats to them both. Ryan must’ve followed our tips!

Rob Smith
Rob Smith


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