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North Carolina Governor Should Be Scared Stiff As Apple, NBA, Google And Others Enter Fight Against His Antigay Law

by Dan Tracer March 25, 2016

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It’s becoming clear that some lawmakers on the Right have lost their damn minds since marriage equality was achieved last June, but if they think they’re scoring points for their party, they’re even more incompetent than we could have imagined.

“Religious freedom” laws have become all the rage in states like Indiana and most recently Georgia (and the 20 other states with some version of the same legislature on the books), Alabama has taken steps to get out of the marriage licensing business altogether (taking the “If I have to share then neither of us will have any” strategy of a 6-year-old eating cookies), and then there’s North Carolina.

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NC Governor Pat McCrory signed what many are calling the most antigay law of the century, effectively banning all LGBTQ nondiscrimination ordinances across the entire state.

It’s a move that the New York Times‘ Editorial Board blasted as “an appalling, unconstitutional bill,” going so far as to call upon the state to dump McCory as soon as possible. “Voters should reject the candidate who made the state a pioneer in bigotry.”

And while McCory will dismiss the NYT as a biased, liberal mouth piece (which it isn’t), there’s something as American as apple pie he can’t spin — the free market has spoken.

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Numerous major U.S., multi-national, and North Carolina corporations and institutions have denounced McCrory’s misguided new law, many of which have direct business ties to the state.

Apple, American Airlines, Bank of America, Biogen, Burt’s Bees, Citrix, Dow Chemicals, Duke University, ESPN, Facebook, Google, IBM, Lowe’s, the NBA, the NCAA, PayPal, Redhat, and others have made public statements condemning HB2.

Try explaining to voters why denying rights to LGBTQ people is more important than keeping your state’s economy on track.

We’ll be waiting to see how these companies act on their outcry if push comes to shove, but we can bet it won’t be pretty for the governor or his disgraceful agenda.

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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