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Boxer Andre Berto Denies Dropping The F-Bomb At Victor Ortiz

by Rob Smith March 28, 2016


Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto

A press conference for an upcoming boxing match between Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz got a little heated last week, but Berto denies calling Ortiz a “fag.”

The shoving match started when a stare-down got a bit too close for comfort, and Berto told Ortiz he “ain’t with that gay sh*t.” In an interview with Fight Hub TV, Ortiz claimed Berto also called him the f-word, but Berto probably caught wind of what happened to homophobic boxer Manny Pacquiao in the light of his homophobic remarks, and made it clear that he has no issues with gays.

He told TMZ Sports:

“I respect the gay community to the fullest. Listen, I respect gay people but I love women. So if another man comes and puts his lips near mine, it would make you uncomfortable. No hard feelings … he just got too close.”

Whether he’s telling the truth or protecting his brand is anyone’s guess, but it’s a big sign of progress that any suspicion of homophobia is today’s sports world needs to be addressed and dismissed ASAP.

We wouldn’t want anyone to lose any sponsorships, now would we? Watch video of the press conference below. The altercation starts around the 9:25 mark, and the two boxers duke it out in the ring on April 30th.

Rob Smith
Rob Smith


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