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Aaron Schock Keeps Getting Probed And Not In A Good Way

by Graham Gremore April 13, 2016

Things are looking worse and worse for totally-not-gay-100-percent-heterosexual Aaron Schock. The probe into the former GOP golden boy’s questionable spending habits appears to be getting deeper and dirtier by the day.

In the latest development, four congressional financial staffers were just subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury in central Illinois. It is believed they are being called to testify in the ongoing investigation against Schock, who has been accused of misusing taxpayer money and campaign donations to fund his lavish lifestyle.

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Traci Beaubian, who serves as chief financial officer of the House of Representatives, along with Andrew Todd Caulk, a supervisor in financial counseling, Norman Gugliotta, a financial counselor, and John Nadeau, the director of financial counseling, were all called to testify before the grand jury on Monday afternoon.

Since resigning from office in March 2015, Shock himself has been served with at least two grand jury subpoenas demanding he hand over campaign and congressional records. FBI agents also have confiscated boxes of records and other items from his central Illinois campaign office.

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Last month, Shock’s legal team said he is committed to fighting the allegations against him to the bitter end.

“Mr. Schock has already paid a heavy price by leaving office for the good of the constituents he served,” his spokesperson said. “We are putting our trust in the sound exercise of judgment by prosecuting authorities–but if necessary, we will mount a rigorous case to vindicate Mr. Schock’s position in a court of law.”

So far, Schock has already paid millions in legal expenses, and is expected to owe millions more when everything is said and done. He is also swimming in a sea of debt, owing $750,000 to his previous attorneys and an additional $750,000 in campaign debt.

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Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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