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Out Rep. Brian Sims Shines A Light On Some State Politics Getting It Right For A Change

by Dan Tracer April 13, 2016


Our national political discourse has taken a few disgraceful steps back (and that’s saying something) with all this antigay legislature in places like North Carolina and Mississippi, which makes us all the more happy to share this post from out Pennsylvania representative Brian Sims.

Sims was one of many to join governor Tom Wolf for the signing of two Executive Orders granting bolstered protections for LGBTQ state employees and employees of state contractors.

“THANK YOU, GOVERNOR!,” Sims writes in the post. “This afternoon I was honored to stand with civil rights leaders and advocates from across the Commonwealth as we joined Governor Tom Wolf for the signing of two Executive Orders related to non-discrimination for LGBT state employees and employees of state contractors!

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“This is the type of leadership and advocacy that other Governors could learn a lot from and that our entire legislature needs to recognize and finally pass the Pennsylvania Fairness Act!”

And with two signatures, Wolf officially looks like the adult in the room compared to some of his Republican colleagues to the south.

Plus, Bruce Springsteen will not be canceling shows in Pennsylvania any time soon.

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Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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