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Science Explains Why Freddie Mercury Was Such A Good Singer

by Dan Tracer April 19, 2016

Queen's Freddie Mercury in 1982

Science is awesome. It cures disease, takes us into outer space and invents expensive new gadgets that make our old new gadgets lame and embarrassing.

But some oppose science at its very core. “It’s a conspiracy of tree huggers!” they may cry out. “It makes me feel dumb!” We happen to often fall into that latter category, but we still adamantly support the human conquest for knowledge.

And yet, some facets of existence really, truly do not require scientific probing.

The question “Was Freddy Mercury a good singer, and if so, why?” happens to be one of those areas.

That didn’t stop a crack team of Austrian, Czech, and Swedish researchers from tackling the topic, though.

Here are some of their earth-shattering findings.

Be prepared to have your mind…blown:

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.05.18 PM

1. Mercury was able to expertly modulate his voice

2. He could sometimes sound “finessed” and other times sound “rough”

3. He had a fast vibrato

4. He had a knack for harmonics

Conclusion? “These traits, in combination with the fast and irregular vibrato, might have helped create Freddie Mercury’s eccentric and flamboyant stage persona.”

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Remarkable. Truly remarkable.

Thank you, science.

Here’s a much cheaper, quicker study you can try at home:

Head here to listen to listen Mercury’s isolated vocal track from “We Are The Champions.” Feel that shiver that traveled down your spine? That’s how you know he was a great singer.

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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