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Ted-Cruz-In-Drag Lookalike On Newfound Fame, Upcoming Adult Film Debut

by Dan Tracer April 25, 2016

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We’ve got to say, we’re a little bit jealous of Ted Cruz lookalike Searcy Hayes.


She had never heard of Ted Cruz until last week.

You might think the 2016 election has reached near-omnipresence, but it’s clear some pockets of the country have been untouched by the fiery race to the White House.

Actually, even now that a photo of Searcy side-by-side with the presidential hopeful has made her an unlikely viral sensation, she’s still murky on who Cruz actually is.

Speaking to Maury about the experience of being memeified, she said, “Why would everybody compare me to a president? You know, being related to a president?”

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Maury asked the natural followup, “Do you know who he is?”

She replied, “No! I’ve never known him! The only one I’ve ever known of was Donald Trump — I never heard of Ted Cruz until y’all called me that day on the phone.”

“Are you a Republican? A Democrat? Are you politically involved, or not?” asked Maury.

“What’s that? I mean the only one I ever heard of was Donald Trump.”

For the record, Searcy also said she is interested in getting a DNA test to determine if she is, in fact, related to Cruz in some way.

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In the meantime, though, she has no qualms about using the comparison to her advantage, and in this day and age that can really only mean one thing — porn.

For some inexplicable reason, adult site XHampster offered Searcy $10,000 to produce a sex tape with her boyfriend; the couple accepted.

“I’m fine with it because everything is going to support my family. I want to get my son whatever he wants,” she said, adding, “We want to buy a truck, pay off our house and we might get married. I never had anyone say, ‘Here’s $10,000! Go make a sex tape.'”

And if you’re curious how her boyfriend, Freddie Green, feels about all this, he said, “It’s kind of exciting and shocking to know she’s famous — she’s more famous than Madonna!”


Below, find Maury’s interview with Searcy:

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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