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DVD: “Son Of Saul,” “Hunter,” “India Blues,” & More!

by Lawrence Ferber April 26, 2016


Foreign, queer and prestige titles head up our week’s home entertainment highlights.

Powerful Oscar-winning Foreign Film Son Of Saul sees an Auschwitz prisoner on a desperate mission, while India Blues (above) follows a pair of gay men through the life and death of their relationship. Finally, a gay New York millennial and his gal pal vie for the affections of a sexually ambiguous stranger in Hunter.

Now for trailers and details!



($24.99 DVD; Ariztical)

One night, 20-something friends Gavin and Amy discover a cute yet unconscious young drifter, Carter, on the former’s NYC doorstep. After inviting the guy in, the pair soon compete for his attentions, especially the love-starved Gavin. What’s the deal with this guy, anyway? Director Ian Samplin was just 23 when he directed this 2013 film, making it a truly a millennial-era LGBT entry.


India Blues

($24.99 DVD; I Have My Art)

Originally titled India Blues: Eight Feelings, director George Markakis charts a relationship between a German and Greek using eight different feelings and emotional states as his map, from love to pain to anger to happiness. With a nonlinear structure and avant-garde filmmaking influences like Jean-Luc Godard, plus some hot and reasonably explicit gay sex to boot, this is a departure from your typical boy meets boy flick!


Son Of Saul

($34.99 Blu-ray, $30.99 DVD; Sony)

Winner of the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, this harrowing, haunting Hungarian feature is set during 1944 at Auschwitz where prisoner Saul is keeping himself alive by helping to dispose of fellow Jews as member of the Sonderfommando. When he realizes that one of the new arrivals may be his son, so begins an urgent personal mission. Shot in such a way to only expose audiences to what Saul sees himself, this is masterful and intense filmmaking. Extras include a commentary, deleted scene, and Q&A.


91EYvO4uiYL._SX342_Jane Got A Gun




Ride Along 2


Hot In Cleveland: Season 6



Lawrence Ferber
Lawrence Ferber


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