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Bruce Springsteen Hosts HRC Member to Rally Support in North Carolina

by HRC staff April 26, 2016

After Bruce Springsteen canceled his North Carolina concert to promote the repeal of anti-LGBT law H.B. 2, HRC, CrowdRise, Bruce Springsteen and actor Edward Norton teamed up to provide one lucky HRC supporter with the chance of a lifetime.

Last week, any gift made to HRC through the CrowdRise platform automatically entered members a chance to win tickets to Bruce Springsteen's sold-out show, the last stop on his U.S. tour, in Brooklyn. The winner also received airfare and VIP passes to hang out with actor Edward Norton. All donations raised during the contest went towards HRC’s against anti-LGBT legislation across the country — including in North Carolina, where the legislature reconvened yesterday.

After receiving support around the globe, the winner was drawn at random. Greg Bullock of Tempe, Arizona was the lucky winner. He brought his sister Kristin with him as his guest.

Greg is a big HRC supporter, even wearing his "Love Conquers Hate" HRC t-shirt to the concert, and is also a big Bruce Springsteen fan. Greg sang along to every song throughout the concert. After the show, Edward Norton personally invited Greg backstage to meet The Boss himself.

According to Greg, it was an unforgettable trip and he is still trying to process that he got to meet both Bruce Springsteen and Edward Norton. 

Thanks to HRC members like Greg and others who supported the cause, HRC is able to provide on-the-ground support in North Carolina and other states battling discriminatory legislation. We truly appreciate those who gave, CrowdRise, Bruce Springsteen and Edward Norton for all coming together to support a worthy cause.

URGENT: Take action and tell North Carolina Governor McCrory and Legislative Leadership to REPEAL the state's new discriminatory anti-LGBT law.

Edward Norton

HRC staff
HRC staff


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