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Man Strangles Boyfriend In Hotel Room, Leaves Body Wrapped In Blanket For Maid To Find

by Graham Gremore April 29, 2016


The family of a 22-year-old man who was strangled, wrapped in a blanket and left in a hotel room by his boyfriend say he expressed concern about his boyfriend’s temper just days before his death.

Cory Jamal Robinson (pictured) was originally from Macon but was living in Atlanta when he met 27-year-old Richard Louis Williams. The two had only been dating for a few months when they got into a heated argument at the InTown Suites, an extended stay hotel where the couple was living at the time.

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According to court documents, Williams strangled Robinson on January 30, 2015 then left his body on the floor before inviting a friend over and telling him “not to worry about it.” The friend later contacted to police, but not before Williams, who had just finished serving a 37-month prison term for theft, fled the hotel, leaving Robinson’s body for the hotel cleaning staff to find. Police arrested him two months later at an airport hotel where he was hiding.

Last month, Williams was convicted of Robinson’s murder and sentenced to life in prison. Now, his attorneys are asking for a new trial, saying prosecutors didn’t prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. But Robinson’s sister, Courtney Toliver, begs to differ. She says Williams had an ugly temper and that he and Robinson got into several altercations before her brother was murdered.

“They was always arguing,” Toliver testified during a court hearing. “[Cory] was saying that Richard was an aggressive person.”

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According to Toliver, Robinson told her he thought Williams had anger management issues after he left him stranded in Atlanta on Christmas Eve.

“I guess they were arguing on Christmas Eve. Richard was supposed to bring Cory home on Christmas Eve, but then Cory called me and said, ‘Hey, we’re coming the next day,’ which was Christmas,” Toliver said. “They had just got into it. And Richard left him stranded. … And I said, you know, are y’all always arguing? What’s going on? Are you scared of him? You know, what’s going on? And he just was like, ‘Well, he’s an aggressive person.'”

Tolvier also said that in the days leading up to her brother’s death, she received a string of disturbing texts from him.

“I think it was like that Thursday, the day before he got killed, might have been January 29, that’s when he texted me. And it was weird,” she said. “The whole text was weird because he was telling me that he loved me and he said that he was ready to come home because everything wasn’t what it seemed to be. And he said that him and Richard was always arguing and he was just ready to home.”

The next day, Robinson was dead.

A judge has not yet ruled on a retrial.

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h/t: Project Q Atlanta

Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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