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Tom Of Finland’s House is Even Sexier Than You Can Imagine

by matt baume April 30, 2016

There’s a new book out
 featuring photos of the home of Touko Laaksonen, better known as fetish artist Tom of Finland.

Tom/Touko lived in LA for part of his life, and after he died, the home went to his friends and collaborators. It’s currently home base for the Tom of Finland Foundation, which raises funds for community causes.

And you may not be entirely shocked to hear this, but his house is full of super-sexy, super-erotic art, most of it so graphic we can’t even publish it here.

But we can describe it! Oh lord, can we ever describe it.

For example, there’s a bookshelf laden down with book, some Russian nesting dolls that look like Vladimir Putin, and a big black dick held aloft like a levitating snake. Tiny little naked men serve as bookends, shoving the books from either end.

There’s a bedroom full of sketches, one of them so massive it seems to be longer than the bed itself. It features a larger-than-life leatherman cocking his head dismissively towards a field of slumbering naked male bodies, so even if you’re sleeping in the bed by yourself, it’s like you’re never alone.

In a plush easy chair, a little throw pillow features a sassy drawing of a sexy man looking over his shoulder. Let’s imagine that there’s a squeaker in the pillow, so when you sit on it, it makes a little “oh!” sound.

A collection of pup masks and pup tail butt plugs sits placidly on a dresser, next to a photo of a guy looking over his shoulder as though asking “whaddya waiting for, woof woof?” And a disembodied marble cock and balls is perched over a bench, like it’s glancing over someone’s shoulder to ask what he’s reading.

One of the best pieces of art is an illustration of a man floating in space, penetrating the entire Earth. That sums up Tom of Finland’s legacy better than anything else we can think of.

Check out a few SFW photos below (and head here for the NSFW ones), and get the book “TOM HOUSE: TOM OF FINLAND IN LOS ANGELES” here.


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matt baume
matt baume


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