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This Major Relationship Step Has Caused Countless Feelings Of Panic In Gay Couples

by Dan Tracer May 01, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.12.42 PM

It could be you have a fantastic family, but it was still a bit of a process for them to come to terms with you coming out.

Even if they seem far along on their journey of embracing you, introducing them to your partner can sometimes feel like two steps back.

Awkward conversation, long silences and faked smiles aren’t how you’d have liked it to go down, that’s for sure.

But including your family in your life is the best way to show them what a loving gay relationship looks like up close, and letting them get the opportunity to know more of the real you is a blessing that they’ll soon realize. We hope.

Below, guys share their feelings surrounding this important step on Whisper:

My boyfriend is meeting my parents soon. I
Is it bad that I
My parents are slowly accepting the fact that I
My boyfriend is meeting my parents and I don
My boyfriend is finally meeting my parents for the first time. I
My parents are still adjusting to the fact that I
My boyfriend is meeting my family tomorrow. I am so excited because I
My bf is meeting my parents for the first time today. I
My boyfriend is excited to meet my family since I just met his, but I don
My boyfriend is meeting my parents for the first time today. Secretly I don
My boyfriend is meeting my whole family tonight. I
My mom and dad can be judgmental but I hope they will be really nice when they meet my boyfriend for the first time. I haven

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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