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Get Ready To Fall For Gay Teen Dreamboat Cole Doman

by Jenni May 02, 2016

Cole Doman

Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party — the newest gay feature from Chicago-based writer-director Stephen Cone (The Wise Kids) — is a fast-flowing drama featuring a powerful ensemble cast led by one of the most exciting new out gay actors of the year. Blue-green-eyed freckle-faced Cole Doman plays the titular and irresistible birthday boy — the son of an evangelical preacher — who pines over his straight best friend while someone else pines over him. With his wholesome good looks and natural screen presence keep an eye out for Doman in various upcoming stage and screen projects ranging from a stage production of Charlotte’s Web (yes, he plays Wilbur) to the new gay short drama, Teacher.

Here he is in his feature film debut so you can say you saw him here first. The film is available May 2nd on VOD and DVD.



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