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PHOTOS: We Need To Talk About Male Duck Face

by Graham Gremore May 16, 2016


According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, “duck face” is “a trend of photographic pose, which is well known on profile pictures in social networks. Lips are pressed together as in a pout and often with simultaneously sucked cheeks.”

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Much has been written about women who make duck face, as they tend to be the more serial offenders. Less has been said about men. But plenty of guys do it. It’s totally weird, not particularly attractive, and, frankly, needs to be addressed.

“The phenomenon of ‘duck face’ can be boiled down to one simple thing, insecurity,” Jake Myers, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in Los Angeles, tells Queerty. “Almost all gay men grow up with some level of feeling less than, not acceptable, or different. Because of this, we often have a base line of insecurity that we must overcome.”

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Myers continues, “Pursing out your lips is another way of screaming not only ‘notice me!’, but ‘notice how sexy I am!’ The problem with this is that it’s superficial validation. You can’t really feel better about yourself because someone else notices you and thinks you’re sexy. Happiness and self acceptance must come from within.”

Scroll down for examples of otherwise good-looking men distorting their faces in strange and unattractive ways. And, please, remember these faces the next time you pose for a selfie…

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Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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