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London Mayor Hoists Rainbow Flag Over City Hall For International Day Against Homophobia

by matt baume May 17, 2016

sadiq khan

London just elected a new mayor and he seems pretty dope. Sadiq Khan already made headlines by being a real dick to Donald Trump (hooray!) and now he’s flying a rainbow flag over London City Hall to mark International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT).

So far, the flag-raising has been well received in England, the country that refined homosexuality to an art form.

“I was elected on a pledge to be Mayor for all Londoners and I will work with the LGBT+ community,” wrote a mayoral spokesperson on the Mayor’s behalf, “to do everything I can to make London a more tolerant, fairer place to live.”

The mayor has spoken in the past about being a victim of hate crime (he’s Muslim) and acknowledged that all minorities are vulnerable. In addition, he promised to attend Pride. The former mayor, Boris Johnson, skipped Pride every year since 2010, though he did support marriage equality.

Khan, on the other hand, seems to be taking a far more active role, even at great personal risk. Several years ago, after announcing his support for marriage equality, other Muslims sent him death threats. At the time, he was the MP for the unfortunately-named area known as “Tooting.”

In addition to supporting gay marriage and gay flags, Khan voted in favor of nondiscrimination protections and for broadening marriage protections to members of the armed forces.

More recently, he got into a tiff with Donald Trump over Trump’s Muslim ban. Khan observed that the ban would prevent him from visiting the US, and Trump relented and said he’d make an exception. But Khan stood his ground and retorted that Trump was missing the point — that the ban itself was the problem.

So far, it seem like London’s got a real winner on its hands. Must be nice to have politicians who are actually intelligent, sensitive people who genuinely want to improve the lives of everyone around them. Is it too late for America to say “never mind” about that whole declaring-independence thing?

matt baume
matt baume


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