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Rapper Malka Red Accidentally Creates Gay Anthem With Her Single ‘Boy Booty’

by Dan Tracer May 18, 2016


“Well, I guess…boy booty is…OK,” says the character of Malka Red’s reluctant friend towards the end of the rapper’s video for her aptly named song “Boy Booty.”

The video, which has been steadily racking up views since it was released earlier this month, centers around the almighty boy booty, and while it takes Malka some time (and ample booty) to get her friend to come around on the topic, gay men certainly don’t need any nudging.

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In an email to Queerty, Malka writes, “It’s a response to sexism I’ve experienced in the music industry, and it’s also been a hit within the gay community. A friend told me I had ‘accidentally created a gay anthem.'”

Accident or not, we’ve long held that men deserve a little objectification every now and then. Call it a leveling of the playing field, or just call it hot.

Malka likes boy butt and she cannot lie; we’re with her.

Watch below:

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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