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PHOTOS: 16 Of The Hottest International Footballers Are About To Arrive In The U.S.

by Dan Tracer May 23, 2016


For the first time in its hundred-year history, the Copa America soccer tournament will be played in the United States, traveling to 10 cities throughout the country in June. This year’s tournament will also be the inaugural year for team U.S.A’s participation in the event.

That means a crop of arguably some of the finest athletes on the planet will soon descend upon the States — brace for impact.

To celebrate Copa’s centennial (as if we needed an excuse), Ticketbis gathered a list of the hottest men from each team participating in the upcoming games.

Scroll down to meet the boys:

1. Argentina

A photo posted by Sergio Leonel Agüero (@aguerosergiokun16) on

Sergio Aguero

2. Bolivia

A photo posted by Sebastian Gamarra Ruiz (@sebastiangamarraruiz) on

Sebastián Gamarra

3. Brazil

A photo posted by Thiago Silva (@thiagosilva_33) on

Tiago Silva

4. Chile

A photo posted by Mark Gonzalez (@markgonzalez11) on

Mark González  

5. Colombia

A photo posted by James Rodríguez (@jamesrodriguez10) on

James Rodríguez

6. Costa Rica

A photo posted by feliciobrownforbes (@feliciobrownforbes) on

Felicio Brown Forbes

7. Ecuador 

A photo posted by Gabriel Achilier (@gabrielachilier) on

Gabriel Achilier

8. Haiti

A photo posted by Sebastien Thuriere (@se_babas15) on

Sébastien Thurière

9. Jamaica

A photo posted by Michael Hector (@michaelhector) on

Michael Hector

10. Mexico

A photo posted by Jonathan Dos Santos (@jona2santos) on

Jonathan dos Santos

11. Panama

A photo posted by Carlos Small (@caliche_58) on

Carlos Small

12. Paraguay

Cecilio Domínguez

13. Peru

A photo posted by Carlos Ascues ?? (@carlos.ascues) on

Carlos Ascues

14. Uruguay

A photo posted by Edinson Cavani (@cavaniofficial21) on

Edinson Cavani

15. USA

A photo posted by Mix Diskerud (@mixdiskerud) on

Mix Diskerud

16. Venezuela

A photo posted by Rolf Feltscher (@rolffeltscher) on

Rolf Feltscher 

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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