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Straight Dudes Sound Off On Letting Gay Men Explore Their Armpits

by Graham Gremore May 27, 2016


Maschalagnia is the term used to define a sexual attraction to armpits. Believe it or not, there are many, many people in the world who like the sniff and even have sex with other people’s armpits.

In a recent Reddit thread titled [Straight guys]: would you let a gay guy lick your [armpits]?, a gay man asks straight guys if they’d ever be into letting him sniff their stinky pits. Their responses may surprise you.

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“I want to bury my face in a straight guy’s armpit,” the man confesses. “I want to worship a part of his body that he’s been trained to think of as dirty or undesirable. I want to inhale his scent and make him feel pleasure in a way he’s never thought about before.”

He continues: “The question is: how? So I want to poll the straight guys of Reddit (esp. 18-50ish, fit/muscled guys): would you ever let a gay guy lick (or at least sniff/touch) your pits? If so, under what circumstances?”

Now let’s take a look at people’s responses…

Some guys were totally into the idea:

“If I knew the guy…sure why not,” one gentleman wrote.

“Get a few drinks in me first after three beers I’ll do just about anything,” another added.

“I’d be fine with it,” a third one said.

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Others were offended by it:

“I only do sexual things when all parties involved get something out of it,” one man said. “And I would not get anything out of that. Also, that’s clearly letting someone enjoy a kink and using me as a sexual object. I don’t want to be a sexual object!”

Several said they’d do it, but only for money.

“Only if I get some money or an item I desire out of this activity,” one guy wrote.

“I think I could deal with that for the right monetary compensation,” another said. “If I could make a quick buck doing basically nothing, I’d do it.”

When asked how much they would want, the fees varied significantly.

“$5 a minute,” one guy quoted.

“$50 to smell, $100 to lick,” another said.

“I’m thinking I’d need at least like $500-$1000,” a third declared. “I’m a high class armpit call dude.”

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But perhaps the most useful response came this person:

“I think you’ll have better luck with a gay/bi man, or a bi-friendly couple. Mostly because even the nicest straight guys aren’t going to get anything out the arrangement.”

Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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