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A Wedding Magazine For ‘Upscale’ Gay Men Is Coming To Make You Feel Worse About Being Single

by Rob Smith May 31, 2016


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A new magazine catering exclusively to gay guys getting married is coming, pushing single gays all closer into the anxiety ridden ‘why am I not married’ phase that was previously exclusively relegated to single straight women.

Damn equality.

It’s called Groom and Guy (cute), and it’s unabashedly targeted at the “upscale gay wedding market.” Because, yes, that’s a thing.

The magazine is coming straight outta Sydney, and The Sydney Morning Herald has the scoop:

The first edition of Groom and Guy will be available in more than 1200 newsagents and stores on Thursday and features eight real wedding stories, and sections on fashion, honeymoons, tailoring and entertaining. Unashamedly aimed at high-end grooms, the magazine targets couples who are earning “$100,000 plus”.

OK, it’s more than a little barf-worthy, but still kinda adorable, especially if you’re in the market for this kinda thing.

Founder Matty Bulger told the Herald the magazine fills a niche for gay couples, who are generally both hands-on when it comes to wedding planning:

Mr Bulger believed gay wedding planning was a more egalitarian process than heterosexual weddings, where the bride tends to make most of the arrangements.

“With a gay couple generally it’s very heavily dictated by both of them and that’s a challenge in itself – how do they get what they both want and be happy with the day,” he said.

Groom and Guy will be published quarterly. You can pre-order the first issue here or find it when it hits newsstands across the world on June 2nd.

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Rob Smith
Rob Smith


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