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‘Mostly Straight’ Male Sex Worker Opens Up About Being Gay-For-Pay And Much, Much More

by Graham Gremore June 02, 2016


A “mostly straight” male sex worker holds nothing back while discussing his professional life in a riveting new interview with Metro.

“I gave it a try and found I was well suited to it,” Oz, an Australian man living in London, says. “I’d been with a man, just to experiment, before I started doing this, so I guess I am a little bisexual, but I’d say I’m closer to the straight end of the spectrum.”

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Oz was first introduced to the line of work by his ex-girlfriend.

“She was from a family who were rich, but very strict,” he explains. “She got into this kind of work so she could have her freedom, and it seemed pretty easy to me, a way to make money and not have to work in an office.”

That was seven years ago. Since then his job had taken him all around the world.

“I’ve been to Dubai, New York, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore. And plenty of other European countries,” he says.

Though he identifies as “mostly straight,” the vast majority of Oz’s customers are men.

“My clients are mainly male, though occasionally I see single women,” he explains. “I have plenty of regulars that I’ve built up over the years here in London. But I do travel internationally, too.”

“Sometimes clients pay my air fare and expenses to visit them abroad,” he continues. “I have a regular in Dubai, that pays for my flights and hotels in a luxury resort. He’ll be busy through the day so I’ll have time to myself and I’m able to charge things to the room like massages or spa treatments for myself.”

Many of his clients also identify as “mostly straight” and are married to women.

“I see a lot of men who are married or in a relationship with a woman,” he says. “I expect we see a lot of bisexuals because gay guys can meet up with each other and they don’t need the discretion.”

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And many of them want him to act out fantasies that their wives and girlfriends won’t do at home.

“I’ve got a ball-busting regular who likes being kicked in the groin,” he says. “Spanking is [also] very common here, especially with ex-public school boys–they seem to have a bit of a kink for that and being tied up.”

Of course, being an escort has its risks. Since the laws surrounding sex work are fuzzy, Oz says it’s on him to vet his clients before meeting them and to look out for his safety.

“I sort of figured it out as I went along in the beginning,” he says. “Thankfully I didn’t make any big mistakes … I basically just have to judge how they sound. If they’re coming to my place I only give them the building address, not the flat number so I can check through the glass, make sure there’s only one person out there.”

He continues: “I watch out for my security if I’m heading to a client’s apartment I’ll tell somebody where I am headed and what time to expect me back and to tell the police if I disappear – that sort of thing.”

Though he’s not ashamed of what he does, Oz hasn’t told those closest to him about how he makes his living.

“My family don’t know and neither do the friends I had before starting to do this,” he says. “I’ve told my family I have a very boring office job. I tried to make it sound as dull as possible so they don’t ask too many questions.”

He adds, “I don’t really have any regrets, though it’s not something I want to do forever.”

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Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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