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Fragile Fox News Hosts Cope With Reality By Mocking Trans Teen

by matt baume June 09, 2016

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Are you ready for your daily dose of Fox News eye-rolling? Well, just feast your eyes on Laura Ingraham, who can’t wait to make fun of vulnerable teens. Great job, lady, you’re a real winner.

The context is a Fox & Friends conversation about a female track athlete who once presented as male. She is described by one host in stupid detail: “born male, identifies now as female,” says Steve Doocy, to which Laura simply says, “no.”

“None of anyone’s goddamn business” is a more accurate way of describing this student’s gender, but apparently Laura thinks she has veto power over strangers she’s never met. Great.

Anyway, her main objection to this student seems to be that “I don’t think it’s really fair” for someone who once presented as male to compete against cis women. Boys are biologically stronger, she points out, and faster.

Okay, yeah, so what? Some people are faster than others. Some are stronger. What do you want, Laura, for everyone to have exactly the same skills and abilities and to be so perfectly matched that every single game ends in a draw? Sports are never fair, someone always has an advantage, that’s what makes it a competition.

And then we get to Laura’s real objection, since her “fairness” argument is obvious bullshit. “It’s just more gender bending,” she says. “This is just going to keep getting worse.”

She then mentions offhand that when she was a teenager, she competed on the girl’s field hockey team in Connecticut, and it all comes together. Of course she did. Of course this asshole was a Connecticut field hockey mean girl. Obviously.

She then concludes her rant by adding that teens shouldn’t even be allowed to be trans because “most people don’t develop their understanding of their own, you know, sexuality until frankly later in life.” Laura, for the umpteenth time — gender and sexuality are not the same thing. Get it together, please.

And regardless, when we were in high school, the girl’s field hockey team was so slutty its locker room practically had a Planned Parenthood, so maybe just calm down about other people’s sexuality.

Watch the exchange below:

matt baume
matt baume


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