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53 Blowhard Republicans Intervene In Gay Couple’s Divorce

by matt baume September 14, 2016


Getting divorced is bad enough — now imagine if a couple dozen Republicans decided that they need to become involved in your breakup too, and prevent you from seeing your kid.

That’s what’s going on Tennessee right now, where a basket of deplorable Republican lawmakers are insisting that a court disregard a lesbian couple’s marriage. The women are named Erica and Sabrina, and they were married in Washington DC in 2014. They conceived a child through artificial insemination, and now they’re ending their relationship and going through the nightmare of paperwork that involves.

But the nightmare got even worse when 53 GOPers joined forces with the loathsome Family Action Council of Tennessee, filing a motion to intervene in these women’s legal proceedings. Imagine if your senator just knocked on your door one day, barged in, and said “hey I know you’ve got problems but I’m here to make them worse.”

At issue is an out of date Tennessee law that only extends parental rights to the “husbands” of women who get artificial insemination. Obviously, the Supreme Court’s Obergerfell decision demands that states revise these sorts of laws to offer due process and equal protection, but many states haven’t caught up yet and now these 53 Republicans are trying to stand against progress, claiming that the state has a vested interest in preventing one of the moms from seeing her child. Ugh.

One judge has already ruled that one of the mothers has no parental rights, and now the case is going to appeal. Hopefully saner judges with preside.

Now then, gay Republicans, remind us one more time why you are not completely insane to support a party that wants to tear your family apart?

matt baume
matt baume


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