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Most Americans Just Don’t Get Angry About LGBT People Anymore

by Queerty News January 06, 2016

Most Americans Just Don’t Get Angry About LGBT People Anymore


Surprise! Most Americans aren’t angry at LGBT people, they’re angry that society continues to mistreat us.

Esquire and NBC News surveyed 3,000 Americans for a poll called American Rage to get a sense of how angry Americans are leading into the 2016 election, and the findings were shockingly pro-LGBT.  Only 22 percent of respondents said they’d be angry at a hypothetical headline that read: “More Than 100,000 Couples Have Wed Since Supreme Court Ruling.”

Apparently, 45 percent of those surveyed were angry at the way LGBT people are treated, and 41percent said they think LGBT people have a right to be angry about our mistreatment. Of course, it wouldn’t be a properly gay-focused poll without at least one question about Our Lady of the Mullet Kim Davis, so it was nice to read that only 24percent of people supported her.

The survey results were so pro-LGBT that the Washington Post said LGBT rights were “the social justice issue that garnered the most agreement” among those polled. However, if you think that means the culture wars are on their way out, the news was less rosy for at least one very famous trans woman.

A headline reading: “Caitlyn Jenner’s Wedding of the Century!” would make about 41 percent of respondents angry, though to be fair they may just be sick of Caitlyn Jenner and not inherently transphobic. We can relate.

A few other interesting tidbits from the poll: 77 percent of Republicans get angry once a day, compared to 67percent of Democrats, whites and Republicans are the angriest groups in America, and 63percent of people claim that the “American Dream” is either no longer true or never was true.

So, in other words, gay is OK but we’re all screwed anyway. At least we have the Caitlyn Jenner wedding to look forward to.

Queerty News
Queerty News


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