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Gay Guys Probe Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Straight Guys

by Queerty News January 07, 2016

Gay Guys Probe Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Straight Guys


Have you ever wanted to know the appeal behind boobs? Whether straight guys ever question their sexuality? How about whether or not they think about their dicks as much as we do?

Buzzfeed has released a pretty funny new video that explores these sensitive topics and more.

Questions Gay Men Have For Straight Men is 2:30 of honest and open questions between the orientations with just the right hint of awkwardness and questionable sexuality of the straight guys (you’ll know which one we’re talking about).

Related: These Straight Dudes Are Very, Very Curious About Gay Sex

By the way, every man regardless of sexual orientation thinks about their dick. A LOT. See, we went ahead and answered that one for you.

Watch below, share in the awkwardness, and revel in the adorkability of the tall drink of water with the glasses and the Buzzfeed sweatshirt:

Queerty News
Queerty News


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