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Young Russian Boy Slays Vogue-Off, Keeps Hope Alive

by Queerty News January 08, 2016

Young Russian Boy Slays Vogue-Off, Keeps Hope Alive


In a world where bleakness must constantly be kept at bay, there are thankfully beacons of light so strong they momentarily halt the crueler realities of civilization.

Young Leonid Mizrahi is one such ray of hope.

Los Angeles-based voguer and dance instructor Deshaun Wesley recently taught an unlikely group of youngsters in Russia some vogue technique, and, well, we’ll let this video of the results speak for itself.

Putin’s got nothing on this kid:

My class in Russia. Kids Voguing down and letting it on outGirl Nicol Safronova boy Leonid Mizrahi And yes. Their…

Posted by Dashaun Wesley on Thursday, January 7, 2016

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Queerty News


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