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Georgia Unites Against Discrimination Kicks Off 2016 Phone Banks

by HRC .com January 11, 2016

Georgia Unites Against Discrimination Kicks Off 2016 Phone Banks

Post submitted by Hope Jackson, HRC Regional Field Organizer

Last week, Georgia Unites Against Discrimination held its first phone bank of the year to activate supporters of equality to fight against the return of last year’s anti-LGBT bill, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). HRC is expecting a battle on multiple fronts in this legislative session with RFRA already pending and the prospect of other anti-LGBT bills yet to be introduced.

Georgia Unites Against Discrimination, a project of the Human Rights Campaign and Georgia Equality, is pushing back against RFRA and other bills that would discriminate against LGBT Georgians by mobilizing our members and supporters to make their voices heard at the Capitol.  Even as we fight for legislation that would protect LGBT Georgia residents and visitors against discrimination, our community faces sweeping anti-LGBT legislation that would expand harmful religious exemptions in several areas of Georgia law.

In anticipation of the Georgia legislative session beginning today, last week Georgia Unites volunteers spoke with hundreds of supporters and signed up volunteers for upcoming actions, including our next two phonebanks, one on Tuesday, January 12 and another on Thursday, January 14.

Georgia Unites will host weekly phone banks Monday through Thursday from 4 pm-8 pm to connect with supporters and legislators. Volunteer shifts will be from 4 pm to 6 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm at the Phillip Rush Center Annex.

Join us as we fight back against bills that would discriminate against LGBT Georgians.

If you live in Georgia, RSVP for a phone bank today!

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