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Indiana Lawmakers Seek To Fine Trans People $5000 For Using Public Toilets

by Queerty News January 13, 2016

Indiana Lawmakers Seek To Fine Trans People $5000 For Using Public Toilets


It seems Indiana’s promise to do better when it comes to LGBTQ issues after last year’s “religious freedom” debacle that ultimately destroyed Gov. Mike Pence’s political future and cost the state millions of dollars doesn’t extend into the new year.

A new bill has just been introduced by lawmakers in the Hoosier State that seeks to fine trans people $5000 for going to the bathroom.

Yes, you read that correctly. Indiana wants to charge trans people thousands and thousands of dollars for simply answering nature’s call.

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The “Single-sex facilities Act of 2016,” which was filed this week by Republican Senator Jim Tomes, hopes to put a ban on all non gender specific public restrooms in the entire state of Indiana. Only restrooms designated “men” or “women” will be permitted by law. “Unisex” any other restrooms will be illegal.

The bill adds: “Student facilities in school buildings must be designated for use by female students or male students, and may be used only by the students of the biological gender for which the facility is designated.”

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To ensure absolute clarity, the bill does something we didn’t know Republicans were even capable of. It uses science to define the word “gender,” stating: “‘female’ shall be defined as having ‘at least one X chromosome and no Y chromosome’, and ‘male’ as having ‘at least one X chromosome and at least one Y chromosome’.”

To prove lawmakers are serious about who uses which bathrooms, the bill also “makes it a Class A misdemeanor” for a trans woman to “knowingly or intentionally enters a single sex public facility that is designed to be used by females” and for a for trans man to “knowingly or intentionally enters a single sex public facility that is designed to be used by males.”

The penalty for breaking the law is $5,000 dollars or up to one year in jail.

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h/t: Pink News

Queerty News
Queerty News


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