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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Can’t Stop Laughing At A Gay Batman Joke

by Dan Tracer January 15, 2016


All-around likable guy/astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson certainly knows how to take a joke: with copious amounts of laughter.

On a recent podcast in which Tyson was narrowing down the most scientifically-accurate super hero (because that’s what astrophysicists do in their spare time), Tyson’s co-host, comedian and radio personality Chuck Nice, makes an all-too-familiar string of cracks at the true nature of Batman and Robin’s relationship.

Perhaps its Nice’s delivery, or maybe Tyson was just feeling giggly that day, but the noted scientist can’t get enough of it.

Just try not to crack a smile watching him lose it (fast-forward to the 1:00 mark to see the exchange):

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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