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When You Find Out A Guy From Your Past Is Gay Too

by Dan Tracer January 17, 2016

Most of us remember an intense unrequited love from adolescence, when hormones were firing off like land mines and coming out seemed like an unimaginable feat.

But as the fates would have it, it turns out that many of the objects of our burgeoning love and lust wound up coming out themselves. There’s got to be some kind of magnetic pull going on.

Below, guys look back on Whisper and wonder how they never read the signs:

I regret horribly not going after one of my best friends from high school during high school now knowing that he

I went to a reunion for my fraternity and a guy I always thought was straight asked me out. What the hell!! In heaven.

A friend of my dad

My roommate my freshman year in college used to be so judgmental about me being gay. He just sent a mass text coming out. Oh the irony

Just found out the guy I had a crush on in college is gay he lives 100 miles away.

Reconnected with my primary school friends. I

So last night I ran into my grade 7 teacher at a bar and ended up in bed with him, I didn


I had a crush on a guy since elementary school and always thought "if only you were gay too". Now so many years later, he came out. But he doesn

I found an old family friend who I thought was straight and married on Grindr

I found out a guy I used to know is gay. I want to message him on Facebook to ask him on a date but I

A "straight" guy from my high school just responded to a gay craigslist ad of mine. It

That moment when you run into the all American jock, popular guy from high school at the gay bar....

Wtf just happened. I was texting an old friend to see how

I just found out a guy I went to catholic school with as a kid came out. Our parents still talk.. thinking I should reconnect. But it would be weird.

Just had gay sex with my teacher from high school, we met in a bar and only realised we knew each other after he brought me back to his place

When I was in high school it was always a fantasy of mine to hookup with a classmate. I just found out one of the "hot seniors" is gay. Really hoping this can come true so many years later lol

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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