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Watch This Drag Queen Teach You How To Properly Use A Condom

by Tim Winfred January 25, 2016


Even in a world of PrEP, knowing how to properly put on a condom is still one of the best ways to prevent the spread of STDs.

In a recently released video, Luz Violeta, a Chilean drag queen, teaches you the dos and don’ts of putting on a condom.

If you don’t speak Spanish, allow us to translate:

Step 1. Check the expiration date. Never use and expired condom.

Step 2. Gently open the condom wrapper by tearing along one side, making sure not to damage the condom itself. Never use scissors or your teeth to open the package.

Step 3. Pinch the tip of the condom as you roll it over the head of the penis.

Step 4. Gently roll the condom all the way down the shaft of the penis.

Step 5. During sex, be sure to use enough lubricant to avoid breaking the condom.

Step 6. After sex, hold the tip of the condom as you pull it off to avoid spilling any semen.

Step 7. Tie the open end of the condom and dispose.

Even if you don’t understand what Luz is saying, watching the uncut tutorial video on YouTube is the best way to get a full grip on the proper technique.

h/t GNN

Tim Winfred
Tim Winfred


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