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Madrid Is Giving Transgender Passengers Free Metro Rides

by Rob Smith January 27, 2016


After a few anti-LGBT incidents in Madrid recently threatened the city’s LGBT-friendly reputation, Madrid Metro is offering free rides for transgender people.

In a statement released on their website, Madrid Metro has promised up to 38 free annual passes for trans Spaniards in the booming city:

Metro Madrid and the Spanish Transsexual Association (ATET-Transexualia) have initiated a framework of cooperation for the purpose of promoting the full social integration of transgender men and women in the Community of Madrid.

This is set forth in the cooperation agreement concluded between both bodies, which involves the assignment by Metro Madrid of a total of 38 annual passes for unrestricted travel round the Metro Madrid network for people in a situation of social exclusion who are being attended by this association.

We spent a pretty amazing week in Madrid last August, and it has a lot to offer LGBT tourists and citizens, from the buzzing gayborhood of Chueca to the sizzling sauna scene that’s advertised via multiple suggestive billboards around the city.

It’s also home to what many consider one of the most incredible Pride events in the world.

Good on Madrid Metro for doing their best to ensure that Madrid remains a safe space for all. If you haven’t yet traveled, book a trip now (and if you’re into hostels, 007 Chueca is the best).

You won’t regret it.

Rob Smith
Rob Smith


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