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Semen Latte Pastor’s Church Up For Public Auction, No Doubt Because Of Evil “White Homos”

by Graham Gremore January 29, 2016


It looks like karma may be catching up to antigay pastor James David Manning and his supporters. His Harlem church, Atlah Worldwide Church, is scheduled for a public foreclosure auction next month after the pastor failed to pay back over $1 million in debts.

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The church has drawn attention to itself over the past year or so for posting signs that say things like “Jesus would stone homos” or “Harlem is a sodomite free zone.” And, of course, for its crazy pastor, who once said Starbucks makes lattes out of semen to attract gay customers and who claims to know members of the KKK who are more tolerant than “white homos.”

Court records show that Manning owes a grand total of $1.02 million to creditors, so a state judge ordered the building be put up for sale. But the pastor says he isn’t worried.

“I assure you, it’s about a water bill and a tax that can’t be levied against this church,” Manning told DNAInfo. “I think it’s a land grab quite frankly.”

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Court records, however, show it’s a little more than an unpaid water bill that Manning is in trouble over. There are a total of nine federal tax liens against him dating back to 2002 and totaling more than $355,000. Another $30,000 is over to New York State, and another $28,000 is owed to various other creditors. Then, of course, there’s interest, and fines, and fees, and interest on top of the fines and fees, etc., etc.

Manning also told DNAInfo that he just found out about the public auction last week and that before then he had no idea there was even a case against him. But, again, court records indicate otherwise. The case initially began more than six years ago, in September 2009, and the pastor’s lawyer filed a response to the complaint one month later, in October 2009. He had until April 2015 to pay down the debts, which he failed to do, hence why a judge just ordered a foreclosure sale.

Grab your pocketbooks, people. The public auction is scheduled for February 24.

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Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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