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Just How Many Gay Men Are In Open Relationships? These New Stats May Surprise You (Or Not)

by Graham Gremore February 04, 2016


The folks at FS magazine surveyed a group of gay men living in Britain about their experiences with and opinions about open relationships, and the results may or may not surprise you.

Roughly 1,000 gay men were surveyed. Of that number, 41 percent reported that they were either in, or have previously been in, an open relationship. Now let’s dig into the data, shall we?

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When it comes to the politics of open relationships, here’s what FS learned:

  • 74 percent of men who are currently in an open relationship said opening was a mutual decision between both partners.
  • 12 percent of them said they have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.
  • 75 percent of them said they have rules in place with their relationship, but…
  • 21 percent admitted to breaking those rules at least once. (Tisk, tisk!)

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Now, what about all those naysayers who disagree with open relationships?

  • 33 percent of single men with no experience of open relationships and 33 percent of coupled men with no experience of open relationships said they believe “open relationships are not real relationships.”
  • 41 percent of single men with no experience of open relationships and 30 percent of coupled men with no experience of open relationships said opening a relationship can be toxic.
  • 53 percent of single men with no experience of open relationships and 54 percent of coupled men with no experience of open relationships said they’d rather be single than in an open relationship.

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Now compare that to men who are currently in an open relationship:

  • 47 percent think that it’s totally possible to have an monogamous relationship but they simply chose not to.
  • 50 percent think open relationships can be a good thing for a relationship.
  • 75 percent believe their open relationships are great.
  • 93 percent strongly disagree with the claim that “open relationships are not real relationships.”

Of all the men surveyed, 65 percent of said they believe there’s a stigma attached to gay men who are in open relationships.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of open relationships? And does this data change your mind about anything? Sound off in the comments section below…

Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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