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Opponents To Gay-Straight Alliance Claim It Will Expose Teens To Extreme Sex Practices

by Rob Smith February 10, 2016

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We recently introduced you to two teens who started a GSA in their Bible-Belt Tennessee high school amidst opposition and protests, and that opposition has taken an outrageously homophobic turn.

At a school board meeting earlier this week, parent Robert Widelick spewed out enough antigay bigotry and stereotypes to make Franklin Graham proud:

“The mainstream media won’t report it, but the Internet is packed with truths about the radical gay political agenda and lifestyles. In order to get what they want, they’re targeting kids. If you’ve ever heard of Kevin Jennings, he’s the founder of the GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network).

In 2006, they had a conference up in Massachusetts where they bused in middle school and high school kids that were members of the GSA, and they were subjected to stuff like fisting, rimming, oral sex, anal sex. The GLSEN does not belong in our schools.”

In a state that promotes abstinence-only sex education, we’re not surprised Widelick jumps to the most incendiary conclusion possible.

Making anything gay-related entirely about sex is the oldest trick in the book for homophobes. However, Widelick was countered by a straight ninth-grader and member of the GSA who spoke out in support of it:

“We have it to end the demeaning of the LGBT community. My point is, this community needs this group, and not just the school. You can’t tear the club down unless you get rid of all non-curricular clubs. You can tear our signs down, and you can tear the tears out of our eyes … but so far we have the legal right to keep meeting.”

The GSA is safe for now, though the school board is mulling new rules for all student clubs and will discuss them when they meet again next month.

Rob Smith
Rob Smith


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