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The Game Shows Off The Eggplant Once Again; Max Emerson Scrubs It Clean In The Shower

by Jeremy Kinser February 13, 2016

This week, Ryan Reynolds said he wanted a boyfriend…for his Deadpool character, Karamo Brown opened up about being a gay dad and Tom Hardy proved once again that he isn’t the least bit modest. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Colton Haynes is ready for swimming pool season.

1st official pool day at my house! Finally hot in LA

A photo posted by Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) on

 Max Joseph jumped for joy.


A photo posted by Max Joseph (@maxjoseph) on

Max Emerson came clean.

@foreo sent me the Luna 2 in hopes that I’d be #radiant for that #date I don’t have this #valentines link in profile

A photo posted by Max Emerson (@maxisms) on

John Stamos looks good in blue…and every other color.


A photo posted by John Stamos (@johnstamos) on

Stop teasing, Michael B. Jordan.

#Mood #Monday

A photo posted by michaelbjordan (@michaelbjordan) on

Steve Grand‘s workout tights really are painted on.

New Vlog up Tuesday. #giveNoFucks If you guys make fun of my shoes from 2011 again, I will be suspending my bi-weekly(ish) douchey gym selfie series. Just kidding. I’m way too #thirsty to stop this vanity anytime soon ???? Happy Saturgay! #guysintights #tights4life #freethebulge

A photo posted by Steve Grand (@stevegrandmusic) on

Daniel Franzese and Willam are too gay to function.

Friends 4-EvA

A photo posted by Daniel Franzese (@whatsupdanny) on

It’s white on white at Kyle Krieger‘s house.

If I had to do a sponsored post for granny panties it would be this. It gets rough in your 30s. @nicotortorella

A photo posted by Kyle Krieger (@kylekriegerhair) on

Kevin Hart is dwarfed flanked by Drake and LeBron James.

Me, Lebron, and Nate Robinson

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Billy Reilich has upped his game.

165 lbs in each hand… today we did low reps/high weight

A video posted by Billy Reilich (@billreilich) on

Colby Melvin is ready for swimwear season.

So happy we finally have warm weather in LA again!

A photo posted by Colby Melvin (@colbymelvin) on

It’s Dos Diaz…Guillermo, that is.

A photo posted by guillermo diaz (@guillermodiazreal) on

The Game breaks out the eggplant and uses some very descriptive hashtags. All is right with the world once again.

#FineNiggaFriday #ValentinesDayWeekendSpecial #TimeToBreakTheInternetAgain #WhatIsHeDoingForYou #DoesHePayYourBills #ItAintTrickin #ItsRealNiggaShit #DoesHeTakeCareOfYourKids #DoesHeLickItFromTheFrontToTheBack #HasHeSlidUnderThatPussyLikeAMechanichAndTunedItUpWitHisTongue #AndHeBetNotSayValentinesDayIsForBothOfUs #NawNigga #ItsForWomen #NowHandleYourBusinessBeforeIDo #SheDervesA5000DollarPurse #SheDeservesFlowersEveryday #WhatSheHasIsAReflectionOfYou #SoMakeHerLookLikeSheGotTheSameStylistAsAKardashian #EatHerPussyLikeSheMadeJesusTheLastSupper #RunHerBathsUntilTheWaterIsWarmAsAMiamiMorningInTheSpring #MassageHerFeetTilSheCanFloatNigga #TreatThatWomanLikeBarackTreatsMichelle #EspeciallyIfSheTreatsYouLikeAyeshaTreatsSteph #NoExcusesNigga #YouHad364DaysToPrepareForSundayBihhhh #MakeThatWomanHappy #ifHeDont #SlideInTheDMAndWeGoneFigureItOut #MeatPrintPapiHasSpoken #DropsMic

A photo posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on

Jeremy Kinser
Jeremy Kinser


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