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Colby Melvin And Idan Matalon Give Faye Dunaway A Run For Her Money

by Jeremy Kinser February 17, 2016


You know what happens when you put two hot guys in a room together. They’ll start enacting scenes from Mommie Dearest every single time. For instance, model Colby Melvin and entertainer Idan Matalon can’t keep their hands off one another but not in the way you might hope. They two go into full-blown Faye Dunaway-mode in their latest Moovz video.

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Watch the guys go at it below.

“I am not one of your fans!” – Colby Melvin & Idan Matalon (Mo…“Cuando descubres que tu amigo tiene más followers que tú””When you find out your friend had more followers”Video con Colby Melvin Special thanks: Brad Hammer, Cory Lee, David John Barros Download Moovz, LGBT social app, and share your # LIPSYNC videos: video (Mommie Dearest) :

Posted by Idan Matalon on Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Jeremy Kinser
Jeremy Kinser


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