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One Man’s Body Is Morphed To Fit 19 World Beauty Standards

by Dan Tracer February 19, 2016


It’s no secret that beauty standards change culture by culture, but what exactly changes as the “ideal body” moves around the globe?

That’s the question a U.K.-based group set out to seek. They took an image of a man in his skivvies and sent it out to get doctored into the ideal version.

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Takeaways? The U.S. really like 6-packs (no surprise there), Russia is all about those pecs, and some people really need to learn better photoshop skills. A few of the results are a bit off-putting (China, South Africa), not because of the beauty standards but because of some shoddy editing.

Also, Serbia liked the original guy just fine, he just needed some arm ink. Who knew?

Take a look below:

1455743875-enhanced-24408-1455728183-31455744751-enhanced-28627-1455728574-1 1455744527-enhanced-13982-1455728599-19 1455744211-enhanced-4613-1455728786-1 1455745808-serbia 1455744560-enhanced-18535-1455728721-1 1455746048-croatia 1455744287-enhanced-7544-1455728981-1 1455744463-enhanced-8346-1455728814-1 1455744252-enhanced-5621-1455728885-1 1455744596-enhanced-18604-1455728519-1 1455744630-enhanced-18691-1455729003-1 1455745976-macedonia 1455744145-enhanced-8319-1455729028-1 1455744385-enhanced-7687-1455728950-2 1455744178-enhanced-4550-1455728629-1 1455744793-enhanced-28962-1455728691-1 1455746158-venezuela 1455744707-enhanced-20604-1455728857-1 1455744675-enhanced-19226-1455728759-1

via Cosmo

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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