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Ted Cruz Not Sorry About the Whole “Death to Gays” Thing

by matt baume February 25, 2016

ted_cruz6-620x412Back in November, festering blob Ted Cruz attended a fun conference for religious folk and shared the stage with Kevin Swanson, a pastor who hollered, “Yes, Leviticus calls for the death penalty for homosexuals! Yes, the Apostle Paul does say that homosexuals are worthy of death! His words, not mine, and I AM NOT ASHAMED! I am not ashamed of the truth of the word of God!”

Sounds pretty bad, right? Well, since then, Cruz’s take on Swanson has been a resounding “meh.” Months went by with no word from Cruz about whether he agrees with Swanson, or disagrees, or was uncomfortable, or was even paying attention during the speech.

Finally, an unnamed campaign spokesperson has offered this: “given these offensive comments, it was a mistake for Senator Cruz to appear at the event.”

And that’s it. No apology. No sorry. Not even a “whoops.”

Christians love to accuse Islam of being a violent religion, but Jesus Christ, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between a guy calling us “worthy of death” and the people throwing gay teenagers off of buildings. Trump thinks America needs to ban Muslims from entering, but maybe it’s time to ban anyone who believes in magic.

By the way, there’s still the matter of all the other lunatic pastors who’ve endorsed Cruz, like Mike Bickle, who says that gays getting married is a sign of the “End Times,” and that “the forbidding of marriage is an escalator of the darkness of the End Times as well.” Okay Mister Bickle but the thing is is nobody’s forbidding marriage. Maybe you don’t understand what’s happening as well as you think you do.

Bickle also said that God picked Hitler to punish Jews for not believing in Hitler. To be clear, Ted Cruz’s website is still boasting about Bickle’s endorsement.

Now Cruz probably doesn’t endorse the killing of gays or the extermination of Jews. Probably. He could certainly clear up the confusion by taking a stand one way or another. So why doesn’t he?

matt baume
matt baume


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