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Pat Robertson Thinks God Can Cure Gays Since They Can’t Feel Love

by Rob Smith February 29, 2016


Just when you thought Pat Robertson couldn’t get any loonier, he goes on television to claim there’s no “real love” for people in the LGBT community and they can only get it from God.

Apparently he’s never met any of these couples.

On a recent segment of The 700 Club, Robertson told a barfworthy story about a man who contracted AIDS because he was looking for love in the gay community when — wouldn’t you know — he just needed the love of God!

“Robert chose the homosexual lifestyle because he craved attention from men. But along with the sexual activity came drugs, and soon Robert was facing full-blown AIDS.

A Christian family befriended him and gave him a reason to live, and Robert was looking for acceptance… we have all these myths about homosexuality and he was just being used by people, they just wanted to take advantage and he didn’t know any better. He thought that what they were showing him was love when actually it was one form of lust.

When he came free, he wasn’t ‘homosexual’, he was a person looking for love, he wanted the real thing and he got it, God gave him real love.”

Yes, people are still peddling this crap in 2016. Sigh.

We have no problem with Christianity, but this commentary is dangerous, divisive, and destructive. Watch below — if you can stomach it.

Rob Smith
Rob Smith


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