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Being Deaf Won’t Stop This Guy From Flirting In The Cutest Video You’ll See Today

by Dan Tracer March 01, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.44.09 AM

We’re suckers for a good love story, especially the mild nausea-esque butterflies, fumbling and awkward beggining part.

You know, before you learn that he snores every night and has an unpredictable temper.

But back to that cute stuff!

In the below video from Spanish filmmaker Roberto Pérez Toledo, watch as two adorable guys embark on those first steps of flirtation despite a communication barrier. Will it be true love? Marriage and a family? A super hot one night stand?

The possibilities are endless.

Tip: The video is in Spanish (go figure, they live in Spain), but you can follow along with subtitles. Just click Settings–>Subtitles, select Spanish, then again click Settings–>Subtitles–>Auto-translate–>English. Ain’t the internet fun?

Not to spoil anything, but the final words of the short aren’t translated, so we’ve done it for you below the embed:

In case you’re wondering what the phone says at the end:

I don’t really know what’s your deal/story
but you’re in luck,
I also say
yes to everything


Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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