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South Dakota’s Republican Governor Just Vetoed An Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

by Rob Smith March 02, 2016



Republican South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard just vetoed a bill that would’ve restricted transgender students from accessing the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity – though he’s not exactly waving the rainbow flag for LGBT rights.

As The New York Times reports, the bill “appeared to conflict with the Obama administration’s interpretation of federal civil rights law and seemed likely to be headed for a court challenge.”

Apparently, Daugaard would rather not even bother, instead leaving the issue to be dealt with on the local level. In a statement, he said:

“If and when these rare situations arise, I believe local school officials are best positioned to address them. Instead of encouraging local solutions, this bill broadly regulates in a manner that invites conflict and litigation, diverting energy and resources from the education of the children of this state.”

His response seems sensible and appropriate to us, and trans South Dakota high school student Thomas Lewis agreed:

“Now the state also realizes that I’m a human being, too. Now there’s less fear for trans people to come out because no one’s going to prevent them from using the bathroom.”

You know, it’s almost as if this Republican Governor stayed true to traditional conservative ideas about smaller government instead of the more recent ones that seem to be all about racism, homophobia, and fear-mongering.

Imagine that.

Rob Smith
Rob Smith


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